How does Portion Work?

Portion is designed as a 3D printing platform. Portion help to customize and 3D print model for you. And providing a full station from design, drawing, 3D printing and delivering. Furthermore, Portion have a full 3D printing platform. Once a designer has a great product idea, we would place it on Magnan. If anyone has ordered a 3D printing model, Portion would return 20% of the payment to the designer. 


Why we have this idea?

3D printing is called as 3rd industrial revolution. We believed that 3D printing would be very common in the future. Each of the family would have a 3D printer to print out what they need in their normal life. They could print out a water bottle, a dish, a window frame or even a moving car. This is the future and we want to bring it close to us. 


How long do Portion need from drawing to delivering?

Normally after Portion received a drawing order, Portion would need to take around 1 week for drawing. If the clients have approved the drawing and has decided for 3D printing, the 3D printing and delivery time would very depend on the size of the model and place of delivery. normally for a 1 meter x 1 meter model, Portion would need to take 1.5 weeks for 3D printing. 

What is the maximum size Portion could do?

We don't have a minimum size. Portion would help to evaluate the drawing. If the model would need to split apart for 3D printing, Portion engineer would help to split for you and approved by you.